Were active in the residential housing market. We have first-hand knowledge of the financial opportunities that are possible in residential sales and leasing. We work to ensure landlord and tenant satisfaction. This enables our clients to negotiate leases from a position of knowledge.

Part of our leasing services is to:
  • Conduct market surveys to strategize on how to promote houses effectively and aggressively thus protecting the value of your real estate.
  • Target advertising of premises for rent.
  • Negotiate new leases.
  • Manage and negotiate renewals.
  • Administer leases.
In addition to the above, we also provide the following services:
  • Review leases and prepare lease abstracts for each lease.
  • Advise tenant monthly of changes to rental payments and upcoming lease renewals, options to terminate and review year end adjustments of Operating Costs/Realty Taxes.
  • Negotiate offers to lease for new locations, exercise options to renew, renegotiate renewals.
  • Prepare and negotiate all lease documentations.
  • Source new opportunities/locations.
Our relationship with national and local real-estate companies enables us to represent parties in purchase and sale transactions. With our breadth of experience, we are able to quickly assess the strengths and weaknesses of any real-estate. To ensure full representation in the market place, we periodically list properties with major national real-estate companies in the Oklahoma City Metro area.

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